When you strip the outer shell off a machine, a creature, do they all look the same underneath? The outside shell is designed with a function in mind, but since it is exposed to human eyes, it has an aesthetic purpose as well. I want to examine what, perhaps, Sir Nigel Gresley was trying to evoke with the Class A4, arguably one of the most famous steam locomotives in the world, and .(to a non train person are trains famous?)(That would be like me trying to argue that David Bowie wasn’t famous because I didn’t fancy his music. However, I do understand the need to justify a niche interest to a more general reader, or to prove that such things matter as a point of study.)( are there other famous trains?)( yes )( the hogwarts express doesn’t count) (the hogwarts express is the most important express.)(actually the hogwarts express is the name of the service, the actual train within the story is called the hogwarts castle. The real life train that became the (thats it, time for a throwdown) hogwarts castle is the Olton Hall. Olton Hall was originally going to be returned to its original name and form, but I guess they decided they could make more money by just keeping it as the Hogwarts Castle forever.) (fite me irl) well yeah harry potter torisum is a huge thing in scotland) ((that’s because harry potter is literally the best thing ever) (creepiest thing I ever saw was a replica of kings cross train station in America. As a tourist attraction. Friggin’ harry potter.)(there’s a recplica of the station in Florida – universal studios – and its pretty badass, man)( surely you should like repilca train stations as a train person) (it’s uncanny and creepy, and a bit dishonest. Like a wax museum full of realistic people.)(‘murica)( I’ve seen that movie , paris hiltonn dies) (paris hilton died?!) (Paris Hilton dies!!!) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( in the house of wax)

“I like trains” Adam Shearwood 2047

Also I guess the city of truro is a famous train but I feel like this topic has been derailed. B^)

(What about the polar express? ) (I would like to make the distinction here between real vehicles that were designed and exist, and fictional vehicles. The focus is on the former, not the latter.) ( are you saying that a the polar express wouldn’t function in real life ) ( no, that is not what I said. It’s more about setting boundaries to limit the scope of what I’m writing about and focus the subject. )( i was meerly naming famous trains , i think thats all i can think of) ( anybody else ????)

This mess is an excerpt from a google document that the entirety of my Contextual Studies group was able to edit in real time. What followed was a discussion on my chosen essay subject (more or less), and while somewhat silly in nature, some questions posed were actual serious considerations for my writing. In particular, the perspective of a non-enthusiast of my chosen subject was very important to make sure that I was at least writing somewhat outside of my comfort zone, and was aware of some other points of view.


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