11/06/16 – The Play

A play script: there may not be a category of writing I feel less suited to than this, creating a set of words and directions for a physical actor to take to the stage and perform. However, after thinking about it for a while, I realise as an animator this is not much different to what I do most of the time. As someone who creates films and time based media, there should have been no hesitation when it came to creating a play script. After all, I am not scared of dictating what a cartoon character should say or do, so neither should I be scared of directing a real actor. Unfortunately I did not come to this conclusion until well after the fact of writing and presenting the play script, so in its current form it is still as it was when written: stilted, awkward, short yet honest, and just a little bit terrible.

Open Scene – two characters are sitting at a table, referred to as One and Two. In the background, the Waiter is working.

One: (quietly, to themself) The soup is cold.

Two: What was that?

One: Oh, the… the soup is cold.

Two gets the Waiters attention and gets the soup replaced. After a short pause, the soup is brought back to the table.

Two: How’s the soup now?

One: It’s still cold.

Two kicks up a fuss and calls the manager. After some heated argument, another soup plate is brought to the table, and Two pointedly watches One try the third soup.

One: It’s (begins to say ‘still cold’, hesitates) fine. It’s fine.

A short pause.

One: … They didn’t put any bread out.

Two perks up.

End scene.



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