04/10/16 – The Letter

The first of the writing tasks this year was to write a letter. Now, I hadn’t written a letter by hand in a long time. I believe the last time was over five years ago to a girl in Ohio, USA. Back then it was a folly of youth type of deal, an attempt to create a closer closeness than a long distance relationship would really allow. Back then my handwriting was a terrible scrawl, and even now in 2016, it’s not much better.

As part of this writing task, I wasn’t really sure who I would send a letter to. Eventually I took the pressure off myself and decided to send one to my mother, written in the informal manner in which I’m accustomed to addressing her. The letter itself is pictured below.


All in all, I would call it a success. It’s been several weeks since writing this letter, and I got a response back from my mother within a few days of sending it.

She sent me a text message.


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