Transition Budget

During the first week of Graphic Narratives, as well as trying to define what a graphic narrative is, we took a look at Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, in particular the different types of transitions between a classic comic-book type work’s panels. They were separated into six categories, listed as follows: Moment to Moment Action to Action […]

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When you strip the outer shell off a machine, a creature, do they all look the same underneath? The outside shell is designed with a function in mind, but since it is exposed to human eyes, it has an aesthetic purpose as well. I want to examine what, perhaps, Sir Nigel Gresley was trying to […]

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04/11/16 – Tate Peek

I went to the Tate Modern. I was expecting, mostly, to see some art displays, some tasteful paintings or sculptures, and force myself into an immersed state for the sake of creating a review. Instead I found myself distracted as soon as I entered the Turbine Hall looking for the stairwell. Within Turbine Hall, an […]

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18/10/16 – Research Methods

Although not considered a particular creative area of writing, research is of course important, and in terms of essays this often involves doing a lot of reading and then citing where your ideas came from. However, when it comes to the generation of new theories and ideas, it may not be enough to simply combine […]

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11/06/16 – The Play

A play script: there may not be a category of writing I feel less suited to than this, creating a set of words and directions for a physical actor to take to the stage and perform. However, after thinking about it for a while, I realise as an animator this is not much different to […]

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04/10/16 – The Letter

The first of the writing tasks this year was to write a letter. Now, I hadn’t written a letter by hand in a long time. I believe the last time was over five years ago to a girl in Ohio, USA. Back then it was a folly of youth type of deal, an attempt to […]

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Time, Cinema and The World

Despite time being an essential element of any film or animation piece, it’s actually pretty easy to take for granted the way that nearly all film media manipulates the sensation of time. To better understand that nearly all film and TV does this, take the example of the TV series 24, where a 24 episode series takes place […]

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